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Plumbing - Body Sprays

Today’s showers are no longer just a place to get clean. With innovations from plumbing manufacturers, showers are now a place to escape a busy day, have water massage old sports injuries, aching muscles and tired body parts. There’s a custom shower out there waiting to be designed to deal with your busy lifestyle.

Considerations:Body Spray 1

  • Amount of water
    • When planning a custom shower, it is important to determine how much water you will need. A custom shower may use 5 times more water than a standard shower head.        
  • Pressure
    • Custom showers require a significant amount more water pressure than standard showers.
  • User Height
    • Body sprays can be placed at most any level to make it more convenient for the user.  All users need to be considered, even children.
    • The shower head should be set higher than the head of the tallest user. If possible, it doesn’t need to be out of the reach of the shortest user, excluding children.
    • Body spray nozzles are adjustable in the event that multiple users are not close in height.
  • Number of shower outlets
    • The sum total flow of all shower outlets including shower heads, hand showers, and/or body sprays combined cannot exceed the maximum flow rate of the shower valve at a given water pressure. Exceeding the capacity will lower the overall performance of the shower system.                    
  • Hot water
    • The more outlets that are placed in the shower, the more hot water will be needed to service the water outlets.  The more shower heads, body sprays, etc in the shower, the larger the hot water heater will be needed.
  • Compatibility
    • Not all shower components are compatible. Be sure to have a master plan before making purchases.
  • Demonstration
    • If possible, get a demonstration of the shower spray to see if it is right for you. Many showrooms have working models.


  • Valve
    • A thermostatic control valve is the best option because it will give the accurate flow as well as control and maintain the temperature.
  • Sprays
    • When 2 or more body sprays are used, they need to be installed in a pressure balancing loop so that all of the sprays have equal flow, pressure and temperature. Typically, three sprays are used and installed in a vertical line.
    • Ideal body spray placement is intended to cover the entire body with water no matter which way the person is facing.
    • Body sprays should be installed on the opposite wall as the shower head and not aimed at the shower door.
    • The top level body spray is usually set at shoulder height or back height rather than in the users face or back of the head.
    • The mid level body spray is usually set at waist or hip level.
    • The lowest body spray is usually placed at thigh or knee height.
  • Thermostatic temperature control valve
    • The placement of this device is best at waist level or comfortable accessible.
  • Volume Control/On off control
    • Volume controls typically control shower heads, body sprays and hand showers.  If the sum of the outlets is greater than the volume control, the pressure will not be maximized.
    • The placement of these should be at a comfortable height to all users. Usually it is at waist level and above the thermostatic valve if piping requirements allow for it.
  • Hand showers
      • Hand showers are great for rinsing the shower after cleaning, showering when you don’t want to wash your hair, washing the family pets and for rinsing only certain body parts.
      •  They can be mounted to the wall by a holder or a slide bar. The slide bar is a convenient way to change the height of the bar while keeping your hands free.
      • Hand showers usually have 2 or more spray settings
    1. Shower heads
      • Multiple shower heads are helpful when two people are sharing a shower.
      • An option for shower heads are the placement/mount. Either on the wall or the ceiling. The arms at these places can be either short of long.
      • Shower heads are available in different shapes, sizes, different spray patterns and features.
    2. Spray Patterns
      • Different spray patterns include:
      • Normal - which is an overall wide spray for full coverage
      • Wide – either soft or strong aerated spray and/or pulse
      • Full flow – strong concentrated spray
      • Concentrated pulse spray – for an all over body massage
      • Rain – a full bodied spray that has a larger range than a normal shower head.
      • Jet spray – a more focused  stream that is designed to stimulate the skin and muscles
      • Massage spray – is designed to be more energizing and massaging
      • Champagne spray – A softer spray that is designed to be effervescent like champagne bubbles to stimulate the senses.
    3. Drain
      • The drain is important because it needs to be able to accommodate the amount of water coming from all of the separate shower components.  A larger drain is required for larger volume outputs of water.

Design Options:

  • Finishes
    • When using multiple shower heads, hand sprays or body sprays, keep the finish in mind to ensure coordination of the finishes.
  • Two wall shower with volume controls
    • Each shower outlet has its own volume/on off controls that can be run separately or at the same time.
  • Two wall shower with diverter
    • A diverter is used to divert water  from one shower outlet to the other.
    • Diverters are used when:
      •  the cost of volume controls are an issue
      • both outlets are not needed or wanted at the same time
      • an adequate amount of water flow or pressure is not available.
  • 3 way transfer valve
    • A 3 way transfer valve  allows you to use any one up to 3 shower outlets.



  • If the shower head can be removed, let it soak in a solution of water and vinegar.
  • If the shower head cannot be unscrewed, place a bag with vinegar on the shower head letting it soak for a few hours.
  • Mineral buildup can be scrubbed off with a toothbrush